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I’m Lauren and in 2013 at the age of 27 I quit my job to travel. I was good at saving money and had saved enough to travel for at least a couple of years, but after a jam-packed 9 months I was ready to go home for Christmas with my family. I documented my journey via this blog, and the map below shows all the countries/territories I explored that year.

As you can imagine, the trip was transformative. My whole worldview shifted. I realised I was capable of so much more than I thought, and I was able to gain a different perspective on what’s important. But this can be a problem when you return back to a culture you no longer identify with (or perhaps never really identified with from the start).

My new journey began on January 14th 2017 when I flew out to Guatemala for 8 weeks of Spanish lessons to kick-start a trip around South America! I didn’t blog along the way, but will be updating this site throughout 2018 with my memories and tips from my time in Central and South America.

I named this blog ‘All Things Go’ after one of my favourite songs in the world, a song about a road trip: ‘Chicago’ by Sufjan Stevens, and I thought it evoked a sense of adventure that would be fitting for a travel blog.



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  1. Hi Lauren,
    a friend signaled me your blog. Travelling is the activity I love most, but I do it during my holidays only. Your approach is very courageous and I admire what you’re doing.
    I’ll keep following your adventures to grab as many information as possible about the places that I’d like to visit too (just an example: Mongolia).
    Good luck!


  2. Thanks Daniele! I appreciate the comments and I hope I can keep providing the information you need! If you have any questions just ask 🙂

  3. Hello! Your blog is so beautifully written! I am at DaDa school now (my third visit). Mimi is doing well and jumped on my lap today when I was playing with Steven and Kim. Loved your blog post about your experience at DaDa School. I agree that Fridays are the best because we can swim and completely relax. Keep doing what you love. I have been here the past four weeks at DaDa and am in the process of making my own travel plan for the next two months or so. You are so brave!

  4. Hi Alana, thank you for your kind words about the blog. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time at DaDa. I miss those kids so much!

  5. hi Lauren, what musical instruments are you collecting ? I’m collecting mainly woodwind, flutes, clarinets saxophones and have things back to 1800. Paul..

  6. Hi Paul, I had all sorts but had to sell a few. My pride of joy is now a hammered dulcimer and I desperately need to figure out how to play it!

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