Plans and Goals for 2014

2013 was an epic year for me and I feel that 2014 will be just as awesome in a completely different way. This year will involve some more travel, but I’ll also be laying down the foundations for some new streams of income that will fund a better, happier, more flexible life.

My plans for 2014 are as follows:

  • Be fully self-employed
  • Earn at least as much as I was earning in my full time job
  • Have a few different streams of income, from both services and new businesses
  • Move to London (a city I adore)
  • Write a book
  • Visit 6 countries

It’s easy to get carried away with goals and new year’s resolutions but keeping my list down to 6 really focuses my attention for the coming months.

What are your plans for 2014? More travel? More freedom? How will you achieve your goals?



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4 thoughts on “Plans and Goals for 2014

  1. Awesome! Travel is so cheap in Asia you could just pop over to another country here and there 😀

  2. I am a saggitarius and a procrastinator – weird combo right? so after years of making excuses for not traveling to places and lands I have always dreamed about I am taking a plunge and going around the world next summer – taking about three months.
    part of my dream has been to ride trains so I am only flying over water when I can’t take a train.
    starting in london I am going to – paris, munich, budapest, moscow, irkutsk, ulanude, ulan bator, beijing, hanoi, bai long bay, hue, danang, saigon, phenom phen, siem reap, bangkok, chiang mai, bali.
    many side trips along the way of that path – naadam festival, working at an elephant rescue sactuary for a week in thailand, spending three weeks in bali.
    running out of funds . . . . hah. this trip should be mid june to mid september.
    I keep finding more and more things to do – maybe I will be like you and just stay traveling.

    so that’s what I am doing.

  3. That sounds like a fantastic trip, enjoy yourself and let me know how it’s going 🙂

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