Birmingham, Stratford-upon-Avon and London in a Week

Last week was a busy old week. It started with a meetup in Birmingham with 3 fab girls from an awesome web community called Puttylike. We’re all linked by the love of learning, creating and striving to live a life that can accommodate tons of interests all at once. We’re all either working for ourselves or working towards that goal, and it was really great to meet these girls in real life. Puttylike is based in the US so we were all proud to be at the first ever UK meetup and hope it will only grow from here.

Sarah, Jo, Me, Elizabeth

On Monday I wrote about some research by Dr Roger Walsh about 8 Lifestyle Changes for a Happier, Healthier Life. I decided at that point that I would go outside more instead of sitting in front of my laptop all the time. If it wasn’t raining I factored 45-minute walks into my days, and combined them with my love of photography and my new addiction to Instagram (find me).

instagram pics

On Thursday I had a meeting in Stratford-Upon-Avon (Shakespeare’s birthplace in case you didn’t know) and since it was such a glorious day I spent time afterwards walking around town and watching the swans on the river. I was surprised but glad to find that the Avon is no longer flooded in the centre of town, though the riverbanks were a bit muddy underfoot.


I ended the week with a trip to quite possibly my favourite city in the world: London. I stayed with my old housemate Melissa and we did our favourite London thing ever – went to our local pub and danced all night to our favourite local live band; Jimmy C and the Blues Dragons. Jimmy C is a wild-haired Canadian rocker with a massive grin and I’m pretty sure everyone who sees him loves him. The band play Rolling Stones type music and it’s always the most fun night ever.

jimmy c
Melissa, Jimmy and Me

Nursing a bad hangover after convincing myself that gin and tonic was healthy and the more I drank the more hydrated I’d be (I know, I know), I trundled off to the Adventure Travel show after winning tickets from one of my favourite travel companies, Explore! I came home from travelling in November but I’m certainly not finished yet so it was great to meet them, get some inspiration and see lots of stunning photographs of places I’m yet to visit.

Photo by @Explore_chat

So that was my week. How was yours?


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