A Revealing Note to Myself 1 Year Ago

When I returned from my time spent travelling this year I found a note stuck to my bedside table that reveals a lot about my hopes and dreams for the future. It also reveals a desperation for change, and some revelations brought about before travel, not because of it. Then I realised that if you’ve made the decision to leave your old life behind to travel then of course you’ll have begun to see the world in a different way.

Here’s the note I wrote to myself last Christmas:

Dear Lauren,

When you come back from your travels, remember this:

  • Don’t be bound by society’s rules
  • Take daily crap less seriously
  • Make lots of mistakes
  • Create stuff no matter how bad or silly
  • Aim for goals you might think are ridiculous
  • Take opportunities
  • Do what you love
  • Do what you want
  • Help others do all the above

When I wrote this I wondered if I’d feel the same way, and I can tell you that I certainly do; more so than ever before.


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