The Highlights of Asia in Photos

A month ago I returned home from 9 months of solo travel in Asia. My travelling days are certainly not over yet, but here’s a look back at some of my highlights of 2013.

Watching incredible sunsets… [Burma] [Cambodia]

Climbing up a temple to watch the sun set in Bagan, Burma
Climbing up a temple to watch the sun set in Bagan, Burma

kampot sunset

Discovering deserted beaches… [Borneo] [Burma]



Seeing nature at its finest…. [Japan] [Mongolia] [Borneo]

Seeing the cherry blossoms in Japan
Seeing the cherry blossoms in Japan



Meeting the wildlife…. [China] [Borneo] [Mongolia]




Teaching a bunch of adorable kids… [Taiwan]

posingA Disney birthday… [Japan]

disneyland_tokyo_fireworksTrekking through the countryside… [Burma x 2] [Borneo]


Trekking through remote villages in Burma
Trekking through remote villages in Burma


Man-made wonders… [Cambodia] [China] [Japan] [Singapore] [India]

angkor wat gatethe_great_wall_of_chinafushimi-inari-shrine-kyoto2


taj mahal at sunrise

The traditions….. [Japan] [Mongolia] [India]



palm reading in india

The spiritual experiences…. [India] [Thailand] [Japan]

diwali golden temple amritsar

meditation retreat with monks in thailand


The adventures… [Thailand] [Laos] [Vietnam]

white water rafting


hai van pass
Motorbike ride along the Hai Van Pass as seen on Top Gear

Best of all, it was the people I met who made my trip really special. Each person taught me something new, made me laugh and made this trip truly unforgettable.

The trekking group
The trekking group






Dressing up and posing with the driver


watching muay thai
Me (right) and the Chiang Mai crew waiting for the first fight
the castaways
The Castaways in Ha Long Bay

These are just some of my highlights. Read more here:

Meditating With Monks in Thailand
Seeing Mongolia on Horseback
Coming Face to Face with Pandas in China
The Cherry Blossoms in Japan
Teaching Kids in Taiwan
Diwali at the Golden Temple in India
A Coastal Motorbike Ride in Vietnam
Trekking the Burmese Countryside
Discovering Deserted Beaches in Borneo
Taking the Slow Boat Along the Mekong in Laos
Exploring Ruins by Bike in Cambodia


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  1. Thanks! There’s some great memories in those pictures. The shell one is from Bako National Park in Sarawak, Borneo; a place I fell in love with for its natural beauty and the freedom I had in exploring it – trekking totally alone, with good trail markers around and a loop back round to base for a decent night’s sleep each night. Fab.

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