How to Get a Mongolian Visa in Beijing

It’s a fairly simple process to get a Mongolian visa in Beijing but it helps to know what you’ll need and where to go.

[UPDATE – 25 October 2016 – a lot of the information here was out of date and it was too hard to keep up with all the changes so I have kept only basic details – sorry]

What you need for a tourist visa:
One passport photo
An address and telephone number of the place where you will be residing in Mongolia (hostel, hotel etc)
Your passport
Money to pay into the bank * (costs have now been removed as I don’t know what’s accurate – sorry)

Please search online for information about the form you need to fill out – some say you can get it at the embassy now, I had to print it off beforehand in 2013.

Address and opening hours of the Mongolian Visa Office in Beijing:
2, Xui Shui Bei Jie, Jian Guo Men Way, Beijing China 100600
Nearest metro: Yonganli Station

How to get to the Mongolian Embassy Visa Office in Beijing:Take the metro to Yonganli Station and walk North up the street that has some restaurants on it (see map). After the restaurants and shops cut left then right, then left, walking past the US embassy. Take the next left, then right after the Irish Embassy.


You will see the Mongolian visa office which is a cabin on the street. It’s not obvious that it’s the Mongolian embassy but it looks like this…




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11 thoughts on “How to Get a Mongolian Visa in Beijing

  1. Thanks so much for this post, it was really helpful. I just wanted to upate, we went yesterday to apply for the visa we had pre filled in the application form (from the Australian website) and they were accepted. Other people without forms had to line up to get them, then go to the back of the line.
    Thanks again!

  2. Hey Lauren, went on Tuesday around 10.30am. Got the form, filled it out and was gone by 10.50am, told to come back to pick up passport on Friday 4- 5pm.

    One thing that was different, they made me pay there by credit card. I asked if I could pay at the bank but they said no….luckily had my credit card with me.

  3. Hi Lauren,

    Its very informative, just have a question though, as a foreigner I reside in another city, will the embassy provide a proof for travel on trains back to my city from Beijing as I will not be having my passport after submission to the embassy.

  4. Hey! just want to enquire about this. We arrive on a Thursday (2nd July) to Beijing and we have just booked trans train to Mongolia for the following Wednesday (8th July). What would be our safest option to apply for a visa? to go down on the Friday (3rd) to hopefully pick up by Tuesday? (7th) do you think that would be acceptable?! would they be able to fast-track? or would be expect to be ripped off?


  5. Thanks so much for the information! My partner and I are currently abroad and heading to China tomorrow, we decided last minute to jump to mongolia while we are in Beijing before we travel through china! We get into Beijing on Thursday night though so we plan to hit the visa office first thing Friday morning! but we already booked our train for the following Wednesday! so that cuts the application process by one day! do you think it would be okay if we applied on Friday to get our visas by tuesday afternoon? Im planning to take my printed copy of train and accommodation. just hope we don’t get turned down 🙁

  6. Hi Lauren, i went to the embassy today (9 July 2015) and you no longer need to walk to the bnk to pay. They now accept cards (credit cards or local bank cards- NO CASH) at the second window. (Also i believe it now only costs ¥405 for 3 day processing.) They also accepted the form that i printed and filled out by hand from
    Also i got a taxi to the embassy and they dropped me at the front of the building which is very grand and looks much more official, all you have to do is walk halfway around the block to the back!
    Great site! Thanks very much!

  7. I really don’t know, sorry – it’s been a while since I was there. Hope you’ve found the answers you needed.

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