A Costly Booking Error

Today I made a booking error that caused me to hate myself for, oh I don’t know…. the whole day. It’s a rookie error, the kind I shouldn’t be making after nearly 6 months of travelling, but I’m sharing it so you don’t make the same mistake either.

I knew I wanted to go from Bangkok to Delhi in October, and Delhi to UK in November, but in my head I was seeing that as two separate flights (as it is technically), and two separate things to be researched and tackled.

The research was done on Delhi to UK, finding Air India to be the best option. In the back of my mind I knew Air India was a potential option for the Bangkok flight too, but I pushed the thought away, wanting to focus on getting at least one thing done and crossed off the list. This was my error.

I merrily booked the flight to the UK (£306) and then looked at the Bangkok flight on Air India too – £173. Bit pricey I thought, but Skyscanner confirmed it was the cheapest of its known options and AirAsia didn’t offer that route. And then I saw multi-city. Would multi-city work? I started to hope the price would come out the same, £479 for both flights, just so I could relax.

The price was £374. For both flights. This is when my computer received some pretty shocking verbal abuse. A £105 difference! I just lost £105!

After eventually calming down I did some more research to determine a solution, and realised it’s not as catastrophic as it first seemed. Here are my options:

1. Air India take pity on me and cancel the flight (Del-UK) for nothing so I can rebook (yeah right)
2. Air India charge £50 (their approx fee) to cancel the Del-UK flight and I rebook the two flights as multi-city, thus losing out on £50 not £100
3. I keep the Del-UK flight and book the cheapest alternative for Bkk-Del (IndiGo, £102) thus only losing £34 – an option I discovered much later

So option 2 is out immediately. Option 1 is ideal but unlikely – I’m awaiting their response to my pathetic email. Option 3 is looking like the champ.

Missing out on £34 is far more palatable than losing £100 so if I have to take it I’ll take it (although it equates to a week’s accommodation in Laos). In the grand scheme of things it’s a drop in the ocean and I lost far more with my Jetstar disaster in Japan, but nobody likes to see that they could have paid less – plus, the budget is getting a teeny bit squeezed these days. It’s time for me to walk away from this computer and take a deep breath. And next time I have multiple flights I’ll check multi-city first!

Edit: See how this was resolved here!


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