Travel Planning – Hitting the Wall

I’ve been planning this trip, in my mind at least, for months if not years (when it was but a distant dream), but I started to write it down and do it properly about 4 months ago and I’ve reached a point that was probably inevitable from the start: complete and utter saturation.

I’m exhausted from thinking about everything, my head is crammed full of information about visas, accommodation, seasons to aim for and avoid, transport, mosquitos, volunteering opportunities, key phrases in different languages, to-do lists, lists of lists, lists of lists of lists…. arrrghhh! I can’t even escape during sleep – I haven’t had a non-travel dream for weeks now.

wet season, thailand
The wet season, Thailand

I’d like to learn some languages in the coming years, so I’ve been starting to prepare for learning Mandarin, then I thought how good it would be if I could converse a little in Burmese when I reach Yangon in February, so now all the Burmese and Chinese is mixing in my head and everything’s getting muddled. At least knowing “ni hao ma” in Chinese was useful in helping me remember the Burmese – “ni kao la” but I haven’t got much further than that.

I’ve been trying to ‘prettify’ my blog too but keep breaking it in IE8 which is so damn annoying when it works in all other browsers! I’ve spent days and days tinkering with it and have had to give up for now.

I think it’s time to back away for a few days. Perhaps I should read the stack of fiction and philosophy and psychology books on my bedside table that have been waiting patiently for months. Or maybe I should get my lazy arse off the sofa and do some exercise. My brain is well and truly fried.


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5 thoughts on “Travel Planning – Hitting the Wall

  1. Yup, that’s where I am too… Extremely busy, scared and excited, rearing to go but worried I won’t be ready on time, concerned I’m gonna get sick and tired of all this before I even go, having to learn all about website-building, SEO and other alien concepts in a very short space of time (but at least I don’t have to learn any Asian language – just to revise my Spanish!)… all of this while still working full time! Argh. But I’m sure it’ll all work out in the end… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Yeah things always work out alright in the end! I was getting worried I’d be sick of it before I leave too. Hopefully when I actually get out there it will be totally different to how I’ve been imagining.

  3. That does sound exhausting, but I’m sure as soon as you’re there all of your worries will have left.
    Plus, it sounds like you’re doing a thorough job and doing it right. I’m the type to buy my ticket in advance but leave the research until a couple of days before I actually leave. haha Not always the best idea, but it’s led to some good memories and funny stories! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Best of luck on your upcoming travels!

  4. Cheers Pablo, hopefully when I’m more into the swing of things I’ll be a bit more laid back about the research ๐Ÿ™‚ I still have the first time backpacker fear haha!

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