The Blue Lagoon Chill 2012

Since seeing this photo on Flickr years ago I’ve been desperate to visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Every year during Iceland Airwaves Festival they hold a party in there called the Blue Lagoon Chill, and we snapped up tickets as soon as they went on sale in the summer.

We were picked up from our solitary guesthouse on the hill and taken to Grindavik, the geothermal area that holds the Blue Lagoon. All tour companies in Reykjavik offer free pickup and drop off which is a really fantastic service, especially when the weather is unpleasant and you don’t want to be outside very much.

Me in the Blue LagoonWe arrived at the lagoon with coachloads of other partygoers at around 1pm and quickly went outside to get into the warm water. There was a bar actually in the lagoon and you pay with your locker wristband so I had my first ice cold beer of the holiday while in the warm water of the lagoon; quite a surreal experience.

enjoying the music in the blue lagoonA DJ started up – it was DJ Margeir, Iceland’s most famous DJ who does the Chill every year. People started to gravitate into the area where he was. To keep warm we were crouching a little so that only our heads were above water, and dancing consisted of a weird, slow irish jig underwater. No-one could see what anyone else’s legs were doing, but I know they were all doing a jig while their upper bodies remained still. If you’ve ever tried to dance underwater you’ll know what I mean.

DJ Margeir and a Band

Splashing in the Blue LagoonWhen the party really got going it was incredibly fun. We were brave enough to stand up and expose our poor skin to the wind, wave our arms around and then quickly dunk back under again, repeatedly doing this for the 5 hours we were there. The music was fantastic, everyone was making friends and having a great time, splashing around and high fiving each other. When the music finally ended it was sunset and the clouds parted. I spoke to an Icelandic guy who said he’d been to the Blue Lagoon many times and never seen it look so beautiful.

Blue Lagoon, IcelandWe treated our poor weather-beaten skin with special silica mud from the lagoon and finished the day in a steam room that was like a little cave in the rocks.

Tomorrow is another exciting day to look forward to and the main reason we came here; a Sigur Ros gig in Reykjavik, their return to Airwaves after a 4 year break.


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  1. wonderful experience to enjoy Iceland Airwaves Festival in every year, as you might be know,,.Blue lagoon Recently nominated one of the wonders of the world.
    I would also recommend for travelers to go to the lagoon before they travel back home, nothing relaxes you more then to soak yourself in warm blue water, gazing at the beautiful lava fields while drinking a cold beverage. Thanks, Arnar

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