Albanian Adventure Day 13: Dasia, Corfu

Today was a free day in Corfu. For some reason my air conditioning sounded like a plane taking off so I decided to turn it off quite early in the morning by pulling out the plug, but within 2 minutes I was boiling hot and couldn’t find the remote, so searched around the room, by which point I was wide awake.

I took advantage of this by going for an early morning walk with my camera, and caught a beautiful red sunrise.

Dasia Sunrise, Corfu

Dasia Sunrise, CorfuI set off after breakfast to find the tourist information office but it was shut. One of the group had picked up some bus maps so we studied them, ruled out the waterpark because of its shoddy promotional photo that consisted of a kooky cartoon character and no indication of what the park actually looked like, and decided to get a local bus to Dasia where we’d been told there was a pebbly beach. Sandy beaches were the other side of the island and we weren’t too bothered either way.

The bus journey wasn’t bad and we met a lovely Irish lady who had been living there for 20 years. Life seemed to be good for her.

I’m not sure if we went all the way to Dasia but it felt like we were nearly there and lots of people were getting off so we got off too. We found a stretch of private beaches and lay down on some reasonably priced sunbeds at a nice looking bar. The sea was a lovely temperature and we took it in turns to have the shade of the parasol.

Greek Salad & MythosI of course had a Greek salad for lunch, and a fabulous Mythos, then we headed back to the hotel to get showered.

The hotel had a Backgammon board and I really wanted to learn how to play, so I bought some wine and snacks and fellow traveller Pat taught me. He had a LOT of patience. The more wine I drank the harder it was for me to make a decision where to move the pieces.

BackgammonI downloaded a free Backgammon app to my phone so I can practise more.


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